LANGERMAN (Cindy) has worked with Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 30 years. Initially she was a translator and support worker in Cameroon but was later redirected to become a licensed, professional counselor in Wycliffe’s Counseling Ministries. She handles a broad range of issues with both individuals and couples in the Wycliffe organization. She currently serves as Wycliffe’s Administrative Director, co-leading the counseling offices in Waxhaw, NC and Dallas, TX.

Pray for

  • more experienced counselors to join Wycliffe to meet the needs of our missionaries who live in an increasingly dangerous world.
  • Cindy’s interaction with inquiring counselors about potential roles in Wycliffe and Summer Institute of Linguistics.
  • wisdom and discernment for Cindy as she works with clients.
  • help for members to adjust to major changes in the Wycliffe organization.
  • development of proactive help for college students who attend Wycliffe’s Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics who will be linguistics & literacy workers and future translators.