CENTOLA (Kevin, Luz, Coleman, Theresa and Monica) The Centola family is involved in building relationships with the children of Arbol de Vida Orphanage in Juarez Mexico http://www.treeoflifejuarez.org. For over 15 years, the Centolas have visited the orphanage approximately 40 times. During some of those visits, they have organized short term missions trips for a variety of groups, sometimes with the primary purpose of building relationships, and other times with a focus on tackling major construction projects. When Luz and Kevin retire, they hope to dedicate themselves to these children as their extended family.

Pray that

  • Kevin and Luz keep their family strong in the pressures of today’s society. “If we succeed in ministry but fail family, we have not succeeded.”
  • their relationship with the director and his family will grow.
  • they will better understand the daily struggles of Arbol de Vida.