South Fellowship Church: A Timeline

South Fellowship Church: A Timeline
February 2

1979 – Growth & Innovation

Ryan Paulson

On September 25, 1979, South Presbyterian Church broke away from the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. due to our refusal to endorse the denomination’s constitutional rulings. The church building was locked and security guards posted out front. However, this did not stop our community from rolling out tarps to protect gym floors and setting up hundreds of chairs for Sunday’s gathering. Over 580 people banned together forming South Evangelical Presbyterian Fellowship, meeting in rented facilities, and expanding gospel reach through church planting.

September 9

1984 – Transition & Change

Yvonne Biel

South Evangelical Presbyterian Fellowship continued renting facilities for close to 12 years. After five strong years at Denver Christian High School, South made their first transition to Englewood High School which allowed them to expand into three services with close to 1000 attendees. Only six years later, South moved to Flood Middle School in Englewood. Amidst location and leadership changes, our community forged on as numbers ebbed and flowed.

June 20

1991 – Challenge & Opportunity

Aaron Bjorklund

In 1991, we bought our current facility – a strip mall on South Broadway in Littleton. From nomads to landlords, South experienced a steep learning curve as we took on a new building with situational challenges and corporate endeavors with major financial challenges. What was once a grocery store, was remodeled to include staff offices, classrooms for adults and children, a youth center, meeting areas, and a worship center. In addition to managing tenants, we a took on a struggling daycare center and launched a coffee shop to serve the Littleton community.

August 16

2016 – Re-Strategizing & Dreaming

2016 – Re-Strategizing & Dreaming

2016 marked a year of celebration! South payed off the facility and was completely debt free. Over the past few years, South added the role of Executive Pastor, re-imagined our mission and values, re-structured staffing and systems to lead us into a healthy and flourishing future. Only God knows what’s in store for us next…