We meet every Sunday at 9:00am & 10:45am

South Fellowship Church exists to glorify God by making disciples through: Gospel Transformation, Life-giving Community, and Visible Faith.


The Church is not a building; buildings are often necessary, but not our priority. The Church is a group of people seeking to live in God’s grace and truth; a life-giving community of faith called by God to participate in His restoration of the world. At South Fellowship we embrace that calling, globally and in our backyard. To that end we support and send missionaries, operate two community coffeehouses, offer a top-rated preschool to young families and engage our world in other significant ways. We are committed to help our neighbors encounter gospel transformation.

Local & Global Impact

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Latest Sermons

The Movement – Letting Go

Acts 10:1-48 It’s something we will have to do throughout the corse of our lives. It’s also something we MUST do if we are going to follow the way of Jesus. Jesus invites us to be disciples. That word literally...

The Movement – Kingdom Invasion

Acts 9:32-43The Kingdom of God. It was one of the central themes of Jesus message and earthly ministry. As the early church walked with Jesus and embraced his message, they started to see the Kingdom of God displayed in transformative...

Worship Songs

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